mangalyam terrace

Ahmedabad, Gujarat   2017 - 

This extension recaptures a terrace space for its family, which had been taken over by monkeys and birds of prey. All activities are integrated with the structure, which animates the space across the length of the terrace. The intent is to engage every age group, and create a sense of place for everyone, while sweeping a breath of fresh air across a terrace and providing a place of respite from urban apartment living. 

The main structural framework sits on existing parapet walls and supports a jaali of floating wood panels, lighting, showers, screens and furniture.The suspension of all these elements keeps existing civil alterations at minimum. Secondary columns frame the furniture for the dining, planters and sandpit. A thin metal jaali envelops the framework like a light cloth and provides necessary protection from monkeys.The addition of polycarbonate roofs renders the terrace accessible in all seasons. Hung from varied heights, wood panels  transform the area into an exciting, exclusive gathering space for the joint family and their guests.The function of the jaali translates into fixed and operable wire mesh screens, allowing the entire installation breathe, and connect outside, while still regulating entry.