shreyas terrace


The terrace of an angular urban apartment property required landscaping to engage it's residents. The apartment sits in a spacious, medium-density residential neighbourhood, shaded by trees from an adjacent garden. We tied down a part of the terrace, leaving the additional space open to accomodate an array of potential activities.

The design draws inspiration from the skewed plan of the terrace. An extension puts this edge in foreground through the structural framework and roof.  Thin steel columns frame vistas along both edges to accentuate an abrupt transition into the open.  The area is shaded by the overlap of suspended fabric roofs, attached to cables that run from the columns to the building at different heights.The movable, high seating made of knit fabric (rattan) creates an interplay of patterns from the material palette. Addition of a lounge seat near the edge, a shaded pantry space, storage and bathroom convert the terrace into a lively outdoors for any time of day.