various at dhobi talao

we have started a new venture as designers and curators for a new mumbai storefront, various at dhobi talao, which assembles a collection of carefully detailed works of furniture, objects, and sensitively fashioned foods & uses projects at the intersection of art and architectural practice to generate a dialogue about design process and modes of making.

By day, a storefront 


by night a platform for creative collaboration and dialogue.

various at dhobi talao brings together collaborators in craft—carpenters, weavers, fabricators, metalsmiths, designers, architects, cooks—in the creation of furniture and product concepts that blend classic material techniques and skills with currently relevant forms and tastes. A curated collection of products designed and produced locally, along with inserted artwork, exhibited temporarily—for long time and short—aims to generate a dialogue, about beauty and purpose, technology and function, at the intersection of a material world of craft and the immaterial space of perception and evolution.

works contains furniture pieces and their elements, crafted and finished by hand, bring together ideas that originate in architecture to create works that engage space and detail.

foods works with the philosophy that season matters and natural, simple ingredients make the best things, especially when preserved.

happenings puts our voice in the world. With space there comes great responsibility – and we plan to put it to good use through a series of projects and collaborations at the intersection of art and architectural practice, which engage concerns about design process, and modes of making, perception and evolution.

With the craft of furniture and food in mind, the adaptive reuse of the store touches the space lightly, polishing the existing kadappah-kota marquee floor and reglazing an art deco window grill, hanging a mild steel track-pin system for custom shaped brass spotlight fittings from retrofitted steel slab supports, and using a series of teakwood fins to mediate the transition from the exterior façade to the interior space, inserting shelves into the thickness of the void. The inserts are simple, crafted to support the existing space, and to redefine it for possibility while upholding its history.