BandukSmith Studio is an award winning architecture, urban design, and research practice founded in 2011 by Sachin Bandukwala and Melissa Smith, based in Ahmedabad, India. 

Our work engages processes of making through research on unique construction methods, both institutionalized and inventive, and built projects that explore the boundaries of material and craft in the context of contemporary Indian construction.

We take on projects at any scale, and the practice shifts from furniture and interior, to architecture and the design public space. We believe that exploring the intricacies of the detail and strategizing the impact of design in urbanism are two modes of working that operate in tandem, and by engaging each project through both these lenses, we are able to interrogate the relationship between person and city.

The office combines a materially sensitive approach to design with respect for the context into which each project is placed. Each celebrates its context through a considered relationship with the physical and social condition of its surroundings. Design is explored as a series of systems; of pieces working together whose addition and combination adds to a whole that works in conjunction with human created urban and rural networks, and with the natural systems that grow, weather and decay.


hiral kandoi project architect
harshal purohit project engineer
megha jhawar junior architect
mudit tikmani junior architect
swaraj dhuri architectural research, publication & communication coordinator


address navrangpura, ahmedabad, gujarat, INDIA
phone + 9 1 7 9 4 0 0 8 8 8 1 1
general email [email protected]

jobs email [email protected]

current openings:

MARCH 2022
Junior Architect, Architect

We are looking for architects with a keen interest in the design, detailing and making of built projects. They should be well versed in architectural software, interested in design and construction processes, and ready to learn quickly. Architects will work on all phases of projects. 

Landscape Architect, Urban Designer
We are looking for a landscape architect or urban designer to manage the delivery of urban projects. This position will oversee public projects in the office and coordinate teams on all processes of the projects: design, detailing, bill of quantities, technical sanction, tender and construction. A previous degree in Architecture is recommended. 

Studio Manager
We are looking for an organised, efficient, and energetic studio manager who can oversee office systems, and participate in business development and communication. Experience in the design field is recommended.

If you are interested in joining our team, please write only to [email protected] (no phone calls please) with your resume or cv, concise portfolio of academic and professional work, and a cover letter with reasons for why you would like to join us. file size should not exceed 5MB. emails to the general address will not be considered.


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