Crafted Penthouse

The home is a play of quiet corners and lively moments, the material and lighting are its backdrop. In what seemed like a static layout, the purpose was to introduce and explore fluidity in space. Traditional lacquer crafts, wood and steel meld together, inhabiting this two-storey penthouse. The narrative is interspersed as pops of colour in otherwise calm spaces.

However, the larger intention is to morph surfaces and volumes by challenging our ideas of a staircase, a library, bar counters, planters, the swing and other such objects in the house.




One such is the mechanical drum dome suspended in the dining room, the material playing off natural light. The deer legged dining table is paired with metal backrest chairs. Metal plates rest on scaffolding staircases - differentiating the more public spaces from the private areas of the house. Brass, metal and lacquer leave their traces throughout the penthouse.




From the beginning, art was central to the project, in its interiors - in the furniture and the walls that allowed us to express its volumes and establish a scale. Moreover, the different objects obstruct, destruct, construct distracted transformations - morphing the static into layers.