Head office, AIA

Ahmedabad, Gujarat   2017

This corporate office for a precision engineering office spreads over 2000 sq m on two floors. The program spans director, board and support staff, with a conference room for 20, director's cabin, smaller scale meeting rooms and semi private offices, with cublic seating for approximately 30 people. Courtyard, dining, pantry and bathroom spaces fill out the support services.

The project is envisioned as a seamless flow of spaces which blur divisions and connect openly designed spaces as they wrap around a central core stair. A courtyard between boardroom and director's cabin is lightly covered by an inverted pitched roof trellis which filters diffuse light into both spaces and gathers rain during the monsoon.The color palette shifts with changing functions of the spaces, tied by a common offset of grey, which ties together the chromatic surprise.

photo credit: Vishal Mehta